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The European Economic Congress remains the largest event of its kind on the economic scene of Central Europe. More than 12 thousand participants of the Congress and 3 thousand guests of the European Start-up Days is a scale unattainable for other events. At the same time, the Congress retains its opinion-forming character, combining the participation of distinguished guests from Poland, Europe and the world with accessibility and openness.

The participants of the Congress are mainly entrepreneurs and managers - both global concerns and smaller domestic companies. The list of Guests includes for years the most important European politicians, representatives of economic ministries of Polish governments, local government officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations and scientists.

The Congress evolves to meet the expectations of new Guests. PTWP, as the EEC organizer, draws conclusions from the annual surveys of participants, and also uses the experience gained in organizing other events.

Important and most important

The agendas of successive congresses cover a range of economic topics in their socialand political contexts. Plenary sessions determine the main directions of the congress debate, which is developed in a specialised way by panel meetings of specialists. In total, the agenda of the last edition included 200 sessions and panels.

The preliminary, open list of priorities for 2020 includes such issues as

  • New technologies and innovation
  • digitisation of the economy and cyber-security issues
  • sustainable development and climate protection
  • new energy and energy transformation
  • infrastructural investments and foreign investors
  • labour market and education.

The thematic scope is created in the course of dialogue with partners, experts and future participants of the Congress. The agenda is gradually enriched over the course of several months and changed in order to keep it up to date until the event begins.

The conceptual and programmatic work has already begun. We invite you to cooperate with us, i.e. to submit ideas and topics - important, inspiring or controversial.

Start-up and Tech
The Congress brings together communities interested in economic and technological development. According to the participants, European Start-up Days is the most effective platform for meetings of young, creative business with the management of companies permanently established in the industry, rich in capital, interested in technological novelties.

Next year they will all meet under the enriched slogan European Tech and Start-up Days. The added "Tech" particle emphasizes the importance of technology as a platform for cooperation between companies - regardless of the scale of their operations or market experience.

Individuals and leaders
The congress programme also includes plebiscite and competition galas, presentations of interesting projects and outstanding individuals.

The Congress is accompanied by, among others, the EEC - Leaders of the Future project. It is a forum for meetings of young people with authentic authorities and ambitions with experience. During the Congress we meet the winners of the TOP Municipal Investments, Investor Without Borders and Start-up Challenge competitions. These tools for identifying best practices in local government development policy, investments and the start-up scene will also be used in the upcoming EEC edition.

My Way. Inspirations" turned out to be a hit. The Congress stage was visited by people with passion who, thanks to their special features and talents, implemented their extraordinary concepts. In 2020 we can expect new heroes of this series.

Relationships and networking
An important element of the Congress is the presentation of modern companies, projects and products.

Tech Expo is an open contact forum resembling a trade fair exhibition. The Open Stage, a place for journalistic talks and widely available debates, will also remain active in the upcoming edition.

New forms will also be visible in the scenarios of panel discussions, which will be made more dynamic. Traditional sessions will feature more interaction with the audience. The arrangement of debate space, the role of visual materials, presence in social media - all this will depend to a greater extent on the Congress' partners and the specificity of the topics discussed.

The Congress is not only an official session, but also an opportunity to share ideas and opinions, which is appreciated by participants and organizers. Interpersonal relations have their continuation in the form of cooperation between individuals and companies.

Spaces of the International Congress Centre and Spodek, Premium and VIP zones, evening banquets and concerts, planning of events in time and space - all this is conducive to networking activity. The organizers estimate the number of meetings and talks that take place during the three days of the Congress at 100 thousand.


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