EEC 2020

Participation in the European Economic Congress is free of charge. We encourage you to purchase additional packages for participants.

Please send any inquiries to the address:

  Free participation Premium Package 1990,00 PLN (VAT excluded)Until 31 of March 2020
VIP 4290,00 PLN (VAT excluded)Until 31 of March 2020
Participation in all sessions of the European Economic Congress (2-4 of September) TAK TAK TAK
Participation in the evening banquets organized by PTWP Group NIE TAK TAK
Participation in all sessions of the European StartUp Days (3-4 of September) TAK TAK TAK
Access to the evening gala and banquet of European StartUp Days (3 of September, Spodek) TAK TAK TAK
Access to the messenger NIE TAK TAK
Access to the PREMIUM zone (meeting zone, coffee breaks, lunch) NIE TAK TAK
Access to the banquet/evening PREMIUM zone (catering) NIE TAK TAK
Access to the VIP seats during first day of EEC (inaugural session) NIE NIE TAK
Access to the VIP zone (meeting zone, coffee breaks, lunch) NIE NIE TAK
Access to the banquet/evening (catering/meeting zone) NIE NIE TAK

Before you use the consultant's help, read frequently asked questions.
  • 1. Where can I register my participation?

    Registration is available on the event's website on the Registration page.

  • 2. Can I sign up another way?

    It is not possible to register otherwise than by the website.

  • 3. When does registration last?

    Registration is until 13 May 2020.

  • 4. How does the registration process look like?

    After visiting you should read the information about access packages in the Registration tab. Create an account by providing your e-mail address.

    • I already have my account:
    If the e-mail address is in our system, you will receive a message about the possibility of logging in with the previously specified password or the option "Recover password". In case of password recovery, a one-time code will be sent to the given e-mail address, which should be entered in the appropriate window. Enter a new password and repeat it. After logging in to your account, check the correctness of your personal data and select interesting subject sessions. After signing up, you will be redirected to your application status (New - waiting for approval by the Organizer). This means that the application has been sent, the account is active and the application awaits verification by the Organizer.

    • I don't have an account:
    In case the e-mail address is not in the system, the process of creating a new account is in progress, i.e. entering your personal data, creating a password and accepting a declaration of personal data. After entering the correct data, an activation code will be sent to you (please check your SPAM box). Attention! Please do not turn off the browser page with registration. You should choose the thematic sessions and sign up for the Congress. After signing up, you will be redirected to the registration status (New - waiting for the Organizer's approval). This means that the application has been sent, the account is active, and the application is waiting for verification by the Organizer.

  • 5. What is an activation code?

    The code activates previously created new accounts for the person who did not have it. It is a 6-digit sequence of numbers. It is sent to the given e-mail address.

    CAUTION! Do not close the window in which you must enter the code.

  • 6. How can I sign in to my account?

    To sign in again, click the Register tab, then click Register and find your account option in the top right corner.

  • 7. How can I change/improve participant data?

    The Data Edit option is available in the participant's account.

  • 8. Is adding a photo obligatory?

    Adding an image is a condition to take advantage of events or services offered within the Premium or VIP Zone without having to confirm your identity in any other way. In other cases, adding an image is fully voluntary. The photo will be processed as an element identifying the participant and his or her individual account in the organizer's system and to the extent necessary for additional verification of identity when entering the events or limited access zones (Premium/ VIP Zone etc.). In the event that the Organiser makes available a dedicated communicator in connection with the event to check the list of participants, contact and arrange meetings between registered participants of the event, a photo will also be made available in this communicator in order to identify the participant. 

    Photo requirements:

    • the photo must be up to date
    • the photo should identify the person
    • no third parties may be shown in the photo
    • maximum photo size 2MB, format: .jpg
  • 9. Is session selection mandatory?

    The selection of a session is mandatory, without this selection it will not be possible to proceed to the next registration steps. Please mark the session in which you are interested

  • 10. Can I make changes in session selection and how?

    The Session Selection option is available in the participant's account.

  • 11. How can I cancel my participation?

    The registration account offers a cancellation option.

  • 12. Will I receive any more information after my application is confirmed?

    A message with organisational information will be sent to the e-mail address provided. The message will appear a few days before the event. It will contain a barcode to be printed or shown on your mobile device for scanning.

  • 13. Is participation in the Congress free of charge?

    Free participation applies to the conference part. The Organiser decides about the acceptance of the application. Paid access - see point. 13-18

  • 14. What are additional paid access packages?

    Access packages enable the purchase of additional benefits, such as catering, meeting areas or participation in evening events.

  • 15. When can I buy an additional package?

    The purchase of the package is possible after verification of your application. Information about the possibility of purchasing a package will be included in the e-mail confirmation.

  • 16. Is it mandatory to purchase a package?

    The purchase of the package is not obligatory. This means that you do not have to take advantage of any additional benefits.

  • 17. How do I buy a Premium or VIP package?

    In the e-mail confirmation message there are special links allowing you to purchase. There are two forms of payment: downloading a pro-forma invoice and card payment.

  • 18. How long will I wait for the status change after purchasing a package?

    The change of status takes place after the payment is processed by the Organiser.

  • 19. Is it possible to buy a package on the day of the event?

    It will be possible to do so by paying by card or issuing an invoice after the event.

  • 20. What should I have with me on the day of the event?

    Having a barcode and a business card will facilitate and speed up the process of collecting the badge on the day of the event. Issuing an ID card is also possible by providing personal data.


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