On 22 March 2019 in Katowice, there was a meeting of the Council of the European Economic Congress. Priorities were indicated, emphasis placed. We know much more about the upcoming Congress after this meeting.

• Preparations for this year’s 11th edition of the European Economic Congress (EEC) are in full swing. The largest economic event in Central Europe will be held on 13-15 May 2019 at the International Congress Centre and the Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland.
• Among the guests of the Congress there will be politicians from Poland and other European countries, as well as from Asia, Africa and the American continent, experts and scientists, and primarily representatives of business. This year’s Congress will focus even more on its younger audience and participants.
• The Council of the European Economic Congress is a programme body that has a major role in determining the event’s content, emphasis, and priorities. These are necessary actions when the broad range of subjects under discussion is considered.

For years the Congress has been enriching the topical range of debates (over 150 debates in the last year), being open to new trends, issues, milieu, and... generations. The Congress increasingly targets the younger generation of business people, students and pupils, as well as socially active people without sacrificing the prestige and power of messages delivered by the presence of VIPs.

The ambition of the Congress organisers is to discuss hot topics, and also to indicate which issues, trends, and phenomena will matter in the nearest future and will be the source of heated debates on the future of the Polish and European economies.

The development-oriented political and economic challenges faced by the European Union is one of the key themes of the debate that will be held this May in the year of Brexit, the European Parliamentary elections, as well as in the context of changes and issues in the modern world and Europe.

“This year, the most relevant topics are those concerning the new opening in Europe. By these I mean the new budget and building the strength of the European economy, openness to preserving sovereignty, cybersecurity, and defence or new technologies, including space technologies”, said Jerzy Buzek, former Polish PM and President of the European Parliament in 2009-2012 at the Council. “All of these will be decisive over the next five years in the EU, but we will also be discussing the 2050 European strategy”.

In response to challenges related to a new range of topics at the Congress, the composition of the Council and thus its competence has been expanded. However, the EEC Council is the body that has begun a serious dialogue on the Polish and European economies, having a real impact on the final shape of the Congress’ debate. And this year’s debate will be really diverse and extensive – also due to the interesting and dynamic context of events in the world, Poland, and Europe.

“We’re meeting with all these people to make the Congress’ agenda more appealing to our guests from Poland, Europe, and around the world”, declared Wojciech Kuśpik, President of the PTWP Group, organiser of the European Economic Congress.

An extensive and diverse part of the Congress devoted to such issues as international economic cooperation, global investments, trade and dedicated infrastructure will attract guests from the ASEAN countries, China, Africa and Latin America.

The global, European and Polish energy and fuel industry is at the beginning of a period of deep transition. Fighting climate change, maintaining a sustainable economy considering the future of the Earth and the living conditions of future generations, and technologies that make it possible to take such targeted measures - these are the topics that must be discussed at the Congress held in the same place as the COP24 summit in December.

Almost all the Council members mentioned young participants in the Congress, which in the last few years has been creating new opportunities for their activities, education and contributions to the EEC.

“This year there will be more short forms accelerating the message, in tune with the expectations and habits of young people, not only as part of the European Start-up Days, which are integrated with the Congress, but also on the agenda of the entire EEC”, said Wojciech Kuśpik.

However, as it has been strongly emphasised, the Congress is about discussions, meetings, talks, and presentations between generations. A dialogue between those who are not afraid to ask tough questions, who have their own vision of the future of Europe and seasoned politicians and people involved in the economy, has great potential value for both parties. Such an approach to the idea of a public debate perfectly fits into the DNA of the European Economic Congress.


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