EEC 2019

Drones in the Polish economy

14 May 2018 • 17:00-18:30 • Conference room D (Pavilion)

Thematic scope

  • The flying business. The place of drones in the Polish economy. Design, manufacturing and services
  • The economic potential of drone technologies. An overview of applications and possibilities
  • Systematic, technical and legislative tools that standardise the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (U-Space, UTM, and the existing and planned legal solutions)
  • Attention, drones! Facts and stereotypes related to control, safety and poor reliability
  • Flights over a Smart City. Unmanned systems as a component of the smart city
  • The impact of unmanned technologies on economic and social life, education and the leisure industry
  • What are we to expect in the future? Directions of development of unmanned systems

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