EEC 2019

Will there be a special economic zone spanning the entire territory of Poland?

14 May 2018 • 17:00-18:30 • Conference (Multifunctional) Hall A

Thematic scope

  • SEZs in the Polish economy – an attempt at assessing the situation. The structure of investment in SEZs: How much innovation does it involve? Do the zones foster the development of new technologies?
  • The tools and policy of attracting investment. Do our advantages include tax exemptions and low labour costs?
  • A zone that is everywhere? A single investment area – details of the concept. Criteria for favouring
  • Government proposals in the opinion of business. Their potential effectiveness. Possible modifications
  • Consequences for the competition, free market and Poland’s image among investors
  • Consequences for the central budget, regional development and local communities
  • The role of local governments in building business environment: education, expansion of infrastructure, and spatial planning

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