EEC 2019

The energy industry in Europe. Dilemmas and challenges

14 May 2018 • 17:00-18:30 • Lecture Hall

Thematic scope

Trends that shape the image of the European energy industry – the transformation is ongoing. Demand for energy, its supply, the way Polish systems operate, and their European convergence. How to ensure energy security? An overview of options. Investment in generation capacity in Europe; economic and political foundations of such investment projects. Mechanisms of the power market.

Digitisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation. The future of the energy industry in EU’s Member States, and its diversified political and socio-economic conditions. Renewable technologies – dissemination, costs and regulations. Gas, the atom, co-generation and other alternatives to coal energy. Development of electromobility and energy storage techniques. Efficient energy management supported by technology. Distributed generation, new models of energy consumption, and prosumers.


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