EEC 2019

Budgets of local governments under new restrictions

14 May 2018 • 14:45-16:30 • Conference room 25

Thematic scope

  • An amendment to the Public Finance Act: Will the individual debt indicator have the whip hand over the indebtedness of LGUs, or will it become a stumbling block to new investment projects?
  • Taxes and local fees versus tax relief. How to find the golden mean between the accumulation of profits and economic development in local governments?
  • The supervision of regional chambers of audit; extension of their competences versus the feasibility of the budgets of local governments and multi-annual financial forecasts
  • The richest and poorest local governments. Tax revenues per capita versus the actual financial situation of LGUs
  • A treasurer or a financial director? How to manage finances in a situation of permanent deficit?

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