EEC 2019

Public transport

14 May 2018 • 14:45-16:30 • Conference (Multifunctional) Hall B

Thematic scope

  • Transport in a city. The importance of an efficient system to development, the quality of life, the labour market, and investment attractiveness
  • How do Polish cities invest in public transport, and how does the state do it? Objectives, models, strategies and outlays
  • Main directions of the development of transport systems in cities – the connection to the grid, autonomy, sharing, and the electric drive
  • Shared transport – a new segment of the market. Are Polish cities prepared for a revolution?
  • Public bicycles – a test for the inhabitants, the infrastructure and the urban policy
  • Real needs in the field of mobility versus efficient applications and the willingness to co-operate within a community
  • Car-sharing: How to take advantage of the experiences gained by European metropolises in this regard? Legal, social and business aspects

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