EEC 2019

Experience in managing the agri-food sector

16 May 2018 • 13:30-15:00 • Conference room 24

Thematic scope

  • Agricultural policy pursued by the Western countries. Agriculture in the structures of developed economies
  • Contracting, risks and the free market. Where are the limits of regulation? How to stabilise demand and supply?
  • Expectations of the food industry (large batches of raw materials and stability of supplies) versus the structure of Polish agriculture
  • The weak and the strong. The market and monopolies. Standards pertaining to relations between suppliers, agents and processing plants
  • Conditions for co-operation in particular sectors of the market (milk, meat and cereals)
  • The role of industry associations and producer groups in Poland and in the West
  • Promotion, agricultural subsidies and other available and desired tools that allow administration to support the agri-food sector

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