EEC 2019

Sustainable business models

15 May 2018 • 13:30-15:00 • Conference room 10

Thematic scope

  • In what way can care for the environment, society and innovations create the value of companies/enterprises? International experiences and the possibility of their implementation in Poland
  • Sustainable development in business models pursued by enterprises – a long-term goal in practice
  • "Bringing organisations to life" – a recipe for effective co-operation between business, authorities, public organisations and the media in order to ensure lasting values
  • 3R’s – RECYCLE, REUSE, REMANUFACTURE: How to promote and inspire business to be environmentally sound?
  • Smart Grid & High-Tech Ecosystems – innovative high-tech solutions, sensors and natural lighting on the road to sustainable business development
  • Circular business. How much does it cost?

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