EEC 2019

The Polish defence industry - investment, competition and security

15 May 2018 • 09:30-11:00 • Conference room 8

Thematic scope

  • An increase in the outlays on defence – its result for the defence sector in Poland
  • The necessity of modernising conventional armed forces (including armoured troops, mechanised infantry, air force and anti-aircraft defence) and their role in the deterrence system
  • Polish specialisation, advantages and shortages. Co-operation with business tycoons. What about the offset?
  • Public safety in the 21st century, or war games. How are defence doctrines changing under the influence of new types of risks?
  • The contemporary ‘arms race’ from the point of view of tactics and technology. Hybrid wars, terrorism, new types of weapons, and new defence systems (including prevention and risk mitigation)
  • Should the enemy be taken by surprise and deterred? Innovations that serve security

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