EEC 2019

HR in companies/enterprises - motivations, relations and effectiveness

16 May 2018 • 13:30-15:00 • Conference room 25

Thematic scope

  • Staff fluctuation as a real problem for many companies/enterprises. The most common reasons for changing jobs
  • HR policy in hard times, that is, how to attract and retain a specialist
  • The deficit of loyalty. Creating bonds with a company/enterprise in the era of fierce competition for employees
  • Involvement and reserves in view of staff shortages. The art of effective motivation
  • A salary is not enough. There should be benefits, but what should they look like? Employee benefits – arguments for and against
  • A gym, a nap or a nursery school? Investment in the work environment. Fashion versus real needs
  • Health packages – investment in availability. Costs of absence in the balance sheet of a company/enterprise

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