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European Economic Congress, a prestigious and renowned brand, for years present on the market of economic events, has remained active in this turbulent year. Not only has it contributed to the mainstream of debates on the condition of the Polish and European economies but it has also maintained its position and, thanks to its hybrid and remote form, extended its reach. Subsequent events held from May to September 2020 were the adequate response of the organiser to the need for  discussion about economic hardships and challenges posed by the pandemic.

2021 will certainly be far from stable. Which is why the next edition of EEC Trends scheduled for 17-18 February 2021 will be held online. At this occasion it will cover some of the subjects belonging to the scope of EEC Green. This unique laboratory of trends will help us prepare for other meetings held under the EEC brand; it will be an opportunity to talk and plan debates for the months to come.

The 13th European Economic Congress has been scheduled for 24-26 May. To the extent allowed by law, debates will be held in a hybrid formula – in the form of a live event taking place in front of the audience in the International Congress Centre in Katowice and online, with the possibility of remote participation. The event will be held in compliance with standards of epidemiological safety applicable on the day of the event.

But not everything is within our control. The volatility of the pandemic forces us to prepare varying scenarios of the events. We remain positive and hope we will meet in the hybrid formula in May. The alternative date of the Congress is 20-24 September 2021.

The PTWP Group, as the organiser of the European Economic Congress, conducts its projects in a reliable and responsible way. Our mission, appreciated by our trusted Partners, remains unchanged in the recent extraordinary circumstances.

As we are getting ready for the events scheduled for 2021, we strive to satisfy our audience and participants expecting quality and efficiency.

Important and Essential. The European Economic Congress will be an important event of 2021 – by many it has been held in high esteem. The EEC will also be a social and economic campaign based on media foundation – scheduled for many months, diversified in its forms, covering a host of economic subjects, looking into future.

Good and well-established practice of the EEC is that its agenda has always been a product of discussion and consultation. Its thematic scope is developed by means of a dialogue with our partners, experts and participants of the Congress. Thanks to its openness the Congress is always relevant and concentrated on key issues.

We count on your presence, especially in this difficult, unstable and uncertain year. Together we are able to identify trends and phenomena as well as consider various ways in which the situation may develop in order to navigate the post-pandemic reality.

Below is an open preliminary list of suggested subjects for debate at the 2021 edition of the EEC: 

  • Reconstruction of the economy. Financing development and investments
  • European Green Deal as a European strategy of sustainable growth
  • Transition of the energy sector – investments, security, responsibility, competitiveness
  • Digital acceleration: technologies and management, competences and the labour market

These are just some of the subjects we are planning to discuss at the European Economic Congress. Have we missed anything? Is there anything we have forgotten? What problems will we face, and what problems will escalate, in the nearest months to come? What do you believe we should we emphasize?

Feel free to suggest subjects and ideas – we are waiting for your bold, interesting and controversial recommendations.

Join us in determining the subject of Central Europe's most important economic debate.


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