EEC 2020

Investments – construction sector

20 May 2020 • 09:00-10:30

Thematic scope

Current situation and short-term forecasts for the sector. The future of infrastructural investments financed from public and EU budget. The gap in the supply of new contracts? Uncertain amount of EU financing for the cohesion policy in the new EU budget. The review of investment plans, the role of modernisation programmes in maintaining the potential of the European and Polish economy. Investments of the local government – estimates, questions, unknowns. New risks in the construction sector and possible remedies. Long-term perspective – what segments of the construction sector will remain stable. Labour market in the construction sector. What about the base, supply chains of materials, finishing materials, machinery or tools and devices? How will the pandemic affect the development of technology, e.g. prefabrication? Will we witness further development of automation and robotisation of processes?


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