EEC 2020

Labour market. The art of adaptation

20 May 2020 • 12:00-13:30

Thematic scope

The end of the employee’s market? What will be the post-pandemic market? Remote work, new standards of daily life transforming the labour market and the employee-employer relation. How will demand for labour change? Both quantitatively and qualitatively. Foreigners in Poland – the crisis has proved their worth. Will we need them during the manifest and significant economic slowdown? The pandemic as an opportunity to improve their status and increase the level of their social security. Postulated regulations of the labour market for the time of the crisis. Or is deregulation a solution? Or maybe too conservatively used tools of protecting employees can do them more harm than good? When should we impose and when is it good to lift some of regulations? Employer, employee, labour code. How to communicate changes, reduce headcount and hire new staff? Working environment, health, efficiency – is it the time for a new approach?


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