EEC 2020

Texts relative to key subjects debated at the September (2020) edition of EEC.

Editorial staff and partners of EEC will cooperate to publish reviews of discussions aimed at highlighting what has changed since they were published, which forecasts proved right and what can be predicted, concluded and recommended on this basis. Texts published in the cycle will be interdisciplinary, opinion-forming and underlining relations and outcomes of events taking place in a rapidly changing situation.

Brilliant interviewees, pundits, politicians as well as presidents and owners of companies will be invited for video talks. Exclusive interviews will be positioned and promoted in PTWP media outlets.

Online debates, webinars with invited representatives of companies, local politicians, experts, representatives of the government and the European Commission.

Audio recording of conversations with special guests (one-on-one or two-on-one talks). Each conversation will constitute a dialogue on a specific subject or a polemical discussion presenting differing perspectives on a particular problem.

  • Research of opinions of entrepreneurs conducted in cooperation with BCMM Badania Marketingowe. Two takes – before EEC Trends and EEC. Reports from the research will be presented during debates at EEC, enriching the discussion with opinion-forming statistical data presented in an attractive way.
  • Surveys on WNP.PL: surveys of attitudes to controversial economic subjects held by visitors of the website.  Conclusions from the surveys will be used independently as well as in texts published in the EEC Review cycle.

We are launching a regular newsletter for up to 100,000 subscribers containing media content developed under the EEC brand (interviews, articles, rebroadcasts of debates).

People and dialogue have always been the driving forces of the European Economic Congress. In the opinion of Participants, the possibility of meeting other people – even in a less official form – is one of the biggest assets of the event. As this function of EEC has of late become hindered, we are offering you new tools such as: meetings in a small group - guaranteeing the quality of interaction, access to information dedicated to the target group, access to one of the thematic groups proposed by the organizer, as well as exclusive events and closed meetings. 


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