EEC 2020

Challenges for the Polish energy sector – green transition

2 September 2020 • 12:30-14:00 • Lecture Hall

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Thematic scope

The energy sector and its transition – significance for the implementation of the idea of sustainable economy.

  • The structure of the global energy sector – its influence on natural environment and climate change
  • New business models in the energy sector vs. the achievement of ambitious goals and compliance with standards, among others regulating the percentage of renewables in the energy mix
  • Costs and other conditions of investing in low-carbon energy sources. The maturity of green technologies – how to provide stable supply of energy
  • The role of knowledge, innovation, education and social awareness in energy transition. Technologies leading the direction and pace of transition in the nearest future
  • The dynamics of the transition of the national energy sector. The target for the Polish energy mix.

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