EEC 2020

The Big Challenge: Energy. Workshop

3 September 2020 • 13:30-14:15 • Conference Room No. 23

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The Big Challenge: Energy is a technological answer to an important, existing social problem. NCBR invites a wide range of participants to the solution - from scientists, through students and student or high school circles to teams of "garage" inventors and enthusiasts - thanks to a low entry threshold everyone has a chance to participate. The daredevils' task is to construct a device capable of obtaining energy from the wind and transforming it into electricity in the shortest possible time. The device must be adapted to the use of turbulent wind, characterized by high variability of wind speed, density and direction. Moreover, it must be adapted to be used by individual users, be as quiet and aesthetic as possible. The Big Challenge: Energy predicts one winner (or winning team) who will receive a million zloty prize. Find out more at a dedicated workshop initiative.


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