People and dialogue. Business and innovation. The mission of the Congress is to integrate a variety of communities and to create possibilities for the implementation of new solutions, development of new products, services and companies in a quick way, using new tools, models and channels of communication.

Large and small, traditional and innovative, domestic and global businesses recognize the three days conference in Katowice to be an effective and productive platform for B2B networking.

The combination of these functions, constituting the mission of the European Economic Congress, has been unprecedented in the event industry, which was proved by the number of people participating in subsequent editions reaching as many as 15,000. The number of people who followed the event could have been counted in hundreds of thousands. The forecasts produced by the Congress – taken into consideration by investors, managers and politicians – have always had an impact on our reality.

The Congress is constantly growing, not only in numbers, but also in terms of its value, increased with support of the sponsors – both international corporations and small family businesses.

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Tomasz Ruszkowski

Tomasz Ruszkowski

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