The New Polish Deal. The economy has been through a lot. The New European Bauhaus. Priorities in the time of reconstruction

24 May 2021 • 09:15-11:25

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Thematic scope

The New Polish Deal

Is it a programme for the development of the country after the pandemic, a political instrument for stimulating the economy, or a set of political and economic reforms? Specific solutions – changes in the tax system and a remedy for healthcare and labour market problems. Tools, stages and implementation deadlines. The state as a moving spirit, the driving force behind the economy, and a regulator – the place for the market and competition in the concept of the New Deal. Costs of implementing the Programme and sources of financing it.

The economy has been through a lot

The consequences of the pandemic and lockdowns 2020–2021 – the existing and expected ones. Who has gained resilience and who will not recover? Industries and sectors of the economy that have changed permanently. Recovery? Yes, but under what terms? Business models, market relations and value chains that have been verified by the pandemic. Technologies and types of consumer behaviour that have gained importance during the pandemic. Changes in the global balance of powe What is worth investing in, and how?


The New European Bauhaus

The New European Bauhaus – a project combining economy, culture and climate. Projects capable of stopping the climate crisis and improving the standard of living. How can the New European Bauhaus be translated into an actual change an yield measurable results?

Priorities in the time of reconstruction

Research and development, education, innovations and creativity – European assets, opportunities and barriers to creating new economic quality and improving the standard of living. European post-pandemic economy: flexible, resilient, open to changes, responsible, competitive? Tools, goals, realization – are we ready for it?

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