Ewa Sikora

Ewa Sikora

Direcotr, Distribution Services Division, ENERGA-OPERATOR

By education she is an economist and IT specialist of computer network, but by passion energy specialist.

She has been involved in the energy sector for over 18 years. She took her first professional steps
in this industryin one of the branch of the Distribution System Operator. For several years, she has been managing the scope of electricity distribution services in the Distribution System Operator in the north of Poland. Its everyday life is related to servicing customers connected to the distribution network and electricity sellers, providing of metering infrastructure, including AMI meters, settlement of the electricity distribution service provided to all customers connected to the grid and  operation
of ENERGA-OPERATOR SA in the National Power System. She was one of the person who implemented a billing-class IT system with CRM elements, which allowed the company to implement processes
of servicing electricity market sellers and consumers in the area of ​​DSO activity, fully reflecting
the requirements for unbandling DSOs towards other companies in the vertical integration structure in the capital group. Today she responsibilities is facing a call entrusted to ENERGA-OPERATOR SA
to implement AMI meters at all customers and to adapt to market service on the basis of integration with the Central Energy Market Information System implemented by the Energy Market Information Operator from July 2024.

Participates in the sessions:

  • CSIRE – an IT breakthrough in the Polish power industry


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