Iwona Suchomska

Iwona Suchomska

CEO, Keystone Consulting

Iwona Suchomska - English philologist, pedagogue and HRM specialist by education. Professionally pursuing her carer within Human Resources as recruiter, consultant, advisor, trainer, assessor and manager. A fan of music, poetry and art, including the culinary one. A female entrepreneur, hard on the ground, with the soul of a social ativist..

For 13 years now she has been running Keystone Consulting, whose main goal is to change people  management styles in business. Together with a team of consultants, she supports clients in modern human resources management and advises on change processes, which constantly affect companies and their employees.

Since the beginning of her professional career the driving philosophy for Iwona is Kaizen - continuous improvement, hence continuous development. She sees the future of HR in constant and successive evolution and implementation of what might seem impossible to achieve at first glance. She has been searching innovative solutions in response to the dynamics of today's changing world. She believes that technologies allow faster and easier deployment of new solutions for the organization - solutions tailored to people's needs, people representing all professionally active generations.

As teacher by conviction, promoting the need for appropriate match and constant motivation for development, she undertook a project addressed to young people at the beginning of their professional life, aimed at helping them to find the first real job, tailored to their needs and potential. The result is several hundred satisfied employees with newly gained distinct qualifications.

In 2019 she received the title of Charismatic Woman in the categories Entrepreneurial Woman and Social one.

Iwona Suchomska in short:

CEO/Founder of Keystone Consulting, a company specializing in consulting in the process of change and modern human resources management.

Exclusive Thalento® Partner in Poland.

Representative of Startup Thalento® Polska.

HR person: recruiter, consultant, advisor, coach, assessor, manager.

Promoter of Kaizen philosophy practical application.

Social worker by conviction.

Participates in the sessions:

  • Offices redefined. Office buildings without offices. A year marked by home office


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