EEC 2019

Recommendations addressed primarily to European politicians, creators of economic strategies and regulators, as well as a selection of the most interesting quotations illustrating them – this is the content of the ‘Conclusions for Europe’, a publication summarising the most important themes of the European Economic Congress (EEC, 13-15 May, Katowice).

The eleventh edition of the European Economic Congress is quite a recent past - still important and topical. The Congress has not ended on the day when the last guests left Katowice. The organisers ensure a longer life for the content which the Congress community and those who accompanied our debates have lived and breathed for three days.

For many years, while taking care of the topicality and adequacy of its programme, the Congress has made it a point of honour to identify trends and phenomena that will shape the nearest future of the European economy.

The most important thoughts, indications, diagnoses and recommendations resulting from the Congress debates are communicated ‘into the world’ using the media owned by the PTWP Group - mainly the WNP.PL, and portal and the ‘Nowy Przemysł’ Economic Magazine. The scope and diligence of this post-Congress message distinguishes the EEC from comparable economic events held in Poland and even across Europe. The themes raised during the discussions often become the content of a public debate on the European and Polish economy.

The value of those efforts is appreciated by the guests of the congresses held in Katowice. This year, the BCMM Institute once again examined the level of satisfaction among EEC participants. As it turns out, the most important factors influencing the satisfaction from participation in the Congress are things related to its content. The point is the programme and the way the debates are prepared. One of the factors that build satisfaction from taking part in the event is ‘the opportunity to learn about new trends and innovations’.

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What changes does the European Community require in order to be able to cope with internal and external crises, threats and challenges? How should Europe and the European economy position themselves in the face of the digital revolution, transformation of the energy sector, changes in the balance of power in the global economy or the trend of sustainable and responsible development?

In a nutshell, this is the scope of this year’s Congress, as well as of the main themes of this year’s ‘Conclusions for Europe’.

The editors of the ‘Conclusions’ use (indirectly) the sum of opinion-forming statements of the participants (entrepreneurs and managers, authority figures in their respective fields, and experienced politicians) as well as (directly) the work of the editorial teams of the PTWP Group media, who reported on the 200 sessions of the Congress covering an extremely wide range of economic and social topics.

That coverage – in various forms (video recordings, texts, photo galleries) - finally enriches the content of the website every year in the form of a structured catalogue.

As in previous years, the fruits of the Congress are brought to you according to a journalistic formula in the fourth issue of the ‘Nowy Przemysł’ Economic Magazine.

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