EEC 2019

Our new Europe

14 May 2018 • 10:00-12:00 • Spodek

Thematic scope

What European Union will be there in 10 years from now? Where is the EU heading? The landscape after the electoral victories in France and Germany.

It is the point of no return; neither is there a clear vision of the future. A multi-speed European Union: Is it a scenario in the making? The future of the euro area. Prospects for countries outside the euro area.

Blocks and alliances of countries within the EU. Activities within the EU and the attempts to ensure political and economic balance of the most powerful EU countries. Brexit versus anti-EU, autonomous and separatist trends (Catalonia and northern Italy). An opportunity for regional economies, or just pipe dreams?

Europe in the heat of changes – subjected to internal and external pressure. How to come to terms with it? The EU versus geopolitics – the EU environment and external factors that shape Europe’s reality and prospects of development (Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, and migrations).


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