EEC 2019

Economic prosperity and problems – construction under pressure

15 May 2018 • 09:30-11:00 • Conference room 6

Thematic scope

  • The situation is as good as it is dangerous. The situation in the construction industry – a set of problems it experiences
  • The accumulation of infrastructure investment projects. Consequences for the market. Prices of construction materials
  • Tenders according to new rules. How to avoid repeating the nightmare scenario from the time of the ‘motorway boom’?
  • Bottlenecks. Investment in the railway and its current capacity
  • New technologies and more efficient logistics – an indispensable response to the current reality
  • Where are the professionals? The situation in the labour market versus contracting capabilities of the Polish construction sector
  • Necessary new system solutions. Will Poland be more open to foreign employees?

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