EEC 2019

Thursday (September 3rd) saw the award ceremony of European Start-up Days, an accompanying event of the 12th edition of the European Economic Congress. Here are the winners.

“Every year, organising the European Economic Congress, we hope we will match new innovative companies with its mature counterparts, namely investors. To us effectiveness comes first. We want the meeting to yield fruit,” says Wojciech Kuśpik, president of the PTWP Group. “This year’s edition of Start-up Challenge was entered by 250 start-ups. The competition was very tough,” he adds.

Start-ups from Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Hungary and the USA took part in the competition. Eighteen of them made it to the final stage and fought to win.

The winners will join the Incredibles team and will have the opportunity to participate in the accelerating Incredibles team powered by Sebastian Kulczyk. The programme grants them access to events organised as part of the project.

In the New Industry category (industry 4.0, robotics, automation, systems of production, new materials, space industry) the most interesting was a start-up operating in the space industry - Progresja Space - developing its own products on the market of small satellites, i.e. smallsats.

KPMP was the winner in the Tradition & Modernity category (traditional industry, energy sector, telecommunication, transport, construction engineering). The aim of their project is to develop and implement an innovative solution for road construction. An especially designed resistance beam is supposed to reduce the cost and time of constructing asphalt joints. KPMP’s ambition is to shorten the process of road construction from five stages to one.

The best in the Health & Biotechnology technology (medicine, health, medical technologies, pharmacy, biotechnology) was a Polish biotechnological company Biotts developing original technologies for transport of drugs as well as drugs used in treatment of oncological, dermatological and immunological diseases based on unique manufacturing technologies, a new approach to processes of combining substances and the knowledge of how human cells communicate with each other.

The next category was Environment (environment protection: technologies for climate, ecological farming, smart energy, use of resources, waste processing). NataLab - a start-up specialising in technologies for the energy sector and waste processing - proved to be the best in this field.

Gamehag, a start-up established in 2016, was the winner in the Clinet & Lifestyle category. Their original website was translated into 9 languages while its user base consists of almost 6.5 individuals from all over the world. The portal specializes in implementing elements of gamification. Thanks to active contribution of its users, receiving Soul Stones as a reward for fulfilling tasks in games operated by partners of the portal, it allows to test new productions online.

The award in the Business Process category went to ICsec. It is a Polish company providing solutions in the field of cyber security in industrial networks and environments of the SCADA systems for companies managing critical infrastructure. Its strategic product is a Scadvance system for monitoring and early warning in case of cyber attacks.

Three start-ups received distinction in the form of grants funded by the marshal of the Silesia Voivodeship and support of the Silesian Development Fund.

The first grant in the amount of PLN 20,000 was awarded to Biotts. The second distinction in the amount of PLN 15,000 was awarded to Gamehag. Holo4Labs received the last financial reward, also in the amount of PLN 15,000.

Holo4Labs is a start-up established by Solution4Labs, a company owned by the the Polish technological group TenderHut. Solution4Labs implements, inspects and optimises LIMS class solutions used by modern technology laboratories. Cooperating with laboratories as a scientific partner, ThermoFisher, Solution4Labs creates systems that address actual needs, solve problems and removes obstacles lying ahead of its clients.

Packages of investment consultation services, funded by the Katowice Special Economic, were awarded to: Customy, Dynamic Air Cooling, Silencions.

Customy offers innovative solutions for oncological and trauma surgery. Dynamic Air Cooling (DAC) is a new eco-friendly way of cooling developed for residential and industrial applications. Silencions aims to improve the quality of human life by reducing the noise generated by vehicles, construction equipment and house appliances.


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