21 September 2021 • 09:30-11:00 • Ballroom B

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Thematic scope

European neighbours – opportunities for a revival

Germany, France, Poland: How to strengthen economic relationships in the Weimar Triangle. Areas of pivotal importance in the context of the reconstruction of the European economy.  Barriers to cooperation and ways of overcoming them.

The West’s approach to the authoritative East

China and Russia in the changing architecture of global politics. Systemic rivals of the West – their economies and potential to innovate. Russia’s policy of “testing” and disintegrating unions, information warfare – how to respond to threats? Economic interdependence of Russia and the EU in terms of the fuel market. Prospects for Europe’s common energetic safety policy. The EU's and USA’s approach to China’s plan of technological, infrastructural and investment dominance. How to coexist without abandoning European values.

Poland’s future in the EU

Three decades of transformation and fifteen years in the European Union – an overview of Poland’s membership, achievements and ambitions. Community, cooperation, and integration vs. sovereignty – the art of measuring proportions.  A hierarchy of values and a model of democracy – a room for dialogue or conflict? Economic resilience of the Polish economy – Poland as an attractive market for investors.

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