EEC 2019

New Union, young Union. We choose Europe

13 May 2019 • 10:10-12:00 • Spodek Arena Main Stage

Thematic scope

In search of a new Europe – a need for a fresh view. Conclusion from Brexit. An alternative for populism? Europe after elections – anticipations and projections.

How do young Europeans perceive their position? European integration, a Europe of nations – what projects they wish to be identified with? Cynicism and trust in politics – the young as the subject of manipulation or partners in a dialogue? Key problems of the young generation – a rational choice in a situation of excessive opportunities. New technologies – friendly, hostile, addictive?

European culture of innovation and knowledge – potential and use thereof. Attractiveness of the EU's development model in the world in view of globalisation trends and the growing power of supranational companies. Europe versus trade barriers and limitations.


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