European Economic Congress

Inauguration. Europe – transforming for the future

7 May 2024 • 10:00-12:00 • Multifunctional room DEF • Session translated simultaneously PL/EN

Thematic scope

10.00-10.40 | Inauguration of the 16th European Economic Congress

10.40-12.00 | Europe – transforming for the future

Transformation, development, security. The summary of Poland's 20 years in the EU. Priorities of the Polish presidency. The new architecture of European security: solidarity, effort, geopolitical conditions. Ukraine in Europe – prospects for support, cooperation, membership. Strong and resilient, modern and attractive – what Europe do we want and how can we make it happen?

Economy, competitiveness, technologies. The global competitiveness of Europe's economy: potential, expansion, investments. Change towards sustainable economy and energy transition: where are we? What are we doing? What do we want? Digital transition, knowledge-based economy, innovations and creativity. Free market, communication and media vs. socio-economic development.

World, cooperation, investments. The Polish and European economies as perceived by investors from the Gulf.

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