The mission of the European Economic Congress has remained unchanged for years. The EEC is a representative and open forum for debate on the future of the European and Polish economies. What has been changing, however – and all the more dynamically recently – is the very formula of the event.

The Congress has become a campaign spanning several months and covering a wide range of economic topics and diverse forms of activity – from online events to the publication of reports, to talks about the trends shaping our nearest future, to the culmination – a three-day multi-threaded debate held in Katowice.

At the difficult time of the pandemic, when the need to meet other people and discuss ideas with them coincided with numerous restrictions, the Congress used electronic forms of contact and communication, increasing the reach of its message and involving more participants, viewers and commentators. These experiences and new models of activity will stay for good in the organisational and media-related set of instruments of the Congress.

The 13th edition of the EEC (September 2021) featured: 9,000 registered participants; a very strong representation of private business and global corporations; European and Polish politicians; and an up-to-date, complete and well-prepared agenda covering over 100 debates and involving half a thousand speakers.

As in previous years, the Congress also involves special events – rankings, competitions and galas related to investments and the modern economy.

The journalistic fruits of the 13th EEC – publications and video materials – continue to reverberate in the space of public debate.

The upcoming 14th Congress will be held – hopefully in an entirely post-pandemic reality – on 25–27 April 2022 at the International Congress Centre in Katowice, of which we would like to remind you, encouraging you at the same time to include the above dates in your arrangements in advance. 

However, it is already known what leading themes and trends crucial to the future will be on the agenda of the April edition of the EEC.

We will certainly invite you to discuss the accelerated digitalisation of the economy and the impact of these processes on manufacturing, retail and the shaping of new models of human behaviour.

The area of green transition of the economy will remain important – that is, transforming it in the spirit of sustainability, and limiting its impact on the environment and climate. Another hot topic will be the power industry transformation process – also in the context of energy carrier prices, new regulations and the international situation.

We will then know more details about the recovery (or restructuring) of the European economy, as well as about the financing of key programmes and projects. The global economy, competitiveness, supply chains, trade relations and investments will be discussed in the context of the changing geopolitical reality.

The coming months are likely to bring further topical issues and shed new light on the ones outlined above. The most interesting approaches to topics and ideas for their presentation arise through interaction. Therefore, we encourage you to join the conceptual work on the next edition of the Congress today.

You are welcome to co-operate with us!


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