An opportunity to initiate co-operation will be provided by the campaign of the 15th European Economic Congress, which begins this autumn. It is a series of events covering a wide range of economic topics. A milestone in the preparations for the EEC will be a programme discussion called EEC Trends.

The congress campaign comprises events spread over time and covers diverse forms of activity – from debates and discussions to the publication of reports, to talks about the trends shaping our nearest future, to the culmination – a three-day multi-threaded debate held in Katowice.

It is already known that the programme of the 15th European Economic Congress will surely include crucial thematic areas and trends that are changing the economy and shaping its outlook in a changing environment which proves difficult for doing business – where delayed consequences of the pandemic are combined with a complicated geopolitical situation as well as with an energy and resource crisis.

The European and global economies will certainly be facing challenging times soon. Those who are aware and responsible are already preparing for the as yet unspecified scenarios of a slowdown or even recession. The current political crisis, energy crisis and economic crisis may turn out to be not only a kind of resilience test, but also an impetus to a difficult yet necessary and lasting change that will pay off in more than just economic terms in the long run.

During our events, meetings and discussions – as part of the EEC campaign and as part of the culminating debate in Katowice in April – we plan to discuss the tasks, challenges and problems we will have to face together.

We know from experience that the most interesting takes on topics and the ideas for their presentation arise through interaction. That is why, once again, we encourage you to get involved in the conceptual work related to the forthcoming edition of the Congress.

You are welcome to co-operate with us!


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