European Economic Congress 2023

The period of post-pandemic stabilization has been disrupted by war in Europe, its multifaceted consequences, and rapid geopolitical shift in the world. The above have given rise to many new challenges that are worth discussing.

The EEC provides a unique platform for such a debate, bringing together pundits, politicians and business people for three days filled with discussions, conversations, and meetings.

The agenda of the 15th European Economic Congress covers key subjects and trends changing the economy as well as defining its prospects in a changing geopolitical and macroeconomic environment.

Participants of the Congress will discuss the competitiveness and resilience of the European economy and the transition of its energy sector, an issue that has recently gained additional importance in the context of Europe’s attempts at increasing its independence from fuel and raw material imports.

Two major thematic currents of the EEC define trends of two transitions; a green one, concentrated on sustainable economy responsible towards the future; and a digital one, offering opportunities and posing challenges at the same time.

For obvious reasons, the agenda of the Congress includes the subject of the war in Ukraine and comprehensive support provided to the country in need. Apart from demonstrating our solidarity with the country defending the values of the free world, we will discuss preparations for the process of rebuilding Ukraine.

The 15th European Economic Congress and its rich agenda are a product of cooperation that began last autumn. The topical panels of the Congress resulted from dialogue, consultation and events that have determined the course of the campaign of the EEC. A program discussion, EEC Trends, was an important milestone of the preparations. Scheduled for April in Katowice, the debate crowning the efforts will provide an opportunity to address the current challenges.

The scale of the 15th edition of the European Economic Congress, the interest and activity of partners of the EEC, for which we are grateful, prove that demand for open dialogue is stronger that ever in uncertain, difficult times.

And the European Economic Congress is commited to satisfy that demand.

We invite you to join us


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