European Economic Congress 2023

A prestigious, professional community, EEC Members includes leaders of Polish business involved in co-creating the European Economic Congress – Central Europe’s largest and most effective economic event. EEC Members is a networking platform for participants and partners of the European Economic Congress, allowing them to establish business relationships and contribute to dialogue among the government, business institutions, and politicians having influence on the economy.

EEC Members are personalities and businesses that – both as partners and participants of the EEC – have contributed to the success of the Congress. Among them are business leaders, entrepreneurs and managers of renowned enterprises, public and private, representing various sectors of the economy. EEC Members epitomize highest standards of business ethics and exert a significant influence on Poland's economy.

Advantages of being an EEC Member:

  • being part of a prestigious business community
  • access to a pool of attractive business entities
  • participation in exclusive events restricted exclusively to EEC Members
  • all-year elite networking

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