European Economic Congress 2023

We have just launched an e-moneybox where participants of the European Economic Congress donate money to support Ukraine.

17.6 million Ukrainians are awaiting your help. The war is still ravaging the country, and people in Poland have been nothing but supportive of their neighbours in need. The war that broke out over a year ago was on the lips of everyone during the previous edition of the European Economic Congress. Today, with the conflict still on, the subject is more relevant than ever in the agenda of the event, as numerous experts join the debate to share their experiences. 

In cooperation with Polish Humanitarian Action we have launched a special e-moneybox where each organisation, company and person participating in the European Economic Congress can make an online transfer to support Ukraine. Last year the participants of the Congress demonstrated their generosity at an auction of works of art. The proceeds from the auction were donated to support Ukrainian female students. We hope that once again you will show how great your hearts are. Thank you for all your donations, whatever the amount!


The e-moneybox has just been activated. The donation will last till 12.00 p.m. of the 26th of April, which is the last day of the Congress. The e-moneybox is available at 


You can make a donation from any bank account. Private individuals, companies, and organisations alike can transfer funds to the e-moneybox. The benefactors can provide their data or remain anonymous. 


We simply cannot be indifferent to the atrocities of the war. As the Organiser of the Congress, we have full trust in the activity of Polish Humanitarian Action and their experience in providing aid to Ukrainians in need. The funds collected during the Congress, through the agency of Polish Humanitarian Action, will be spent on: 

  • delivering material aid for the people who have been dislocated within the Ukrainian territory and those who could have not fled their homes
  • providing food and hygiene kits for Ukrainians in need
  • providing mental support to people and financial aid for the purpose of rebuilding houses and institutional buildings in Ukraine
  • depending on the current weather conditions – supporting Ukrainians by means of providing fuel, stoves, power generators, and insulating blankets

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